Cover Fixed!

Professor Gray —

We ran out of time to change the cover — you haven’t answered any of my emails or phone messages. (This doesn’t have anything to do with that serious talk I had to have with you, does it? I’ve decided to intern for you for college credit, and nothing else, I hope that was clear. I hope you weren’t too dispirited by my rebuff. I do think the world of you and you remain one of the most hygienic men I have ever had the pleasure to work with.)

Anyway, I had to make corrections the best way I could, in the quickest way that I could. I hope you can live with them.

I assume that you are off following another ‘lead’ on White and Greene, so I don’t know when this will find you. The publishers say the first copies will be ready some time this autumn.


— Bianca

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They did it again!

Professor Gray —

The cover mock-up came in the post today. I really like the colours, but they’ve misspelt Mr Greene’s name again!  The publisher needs to have any approvals first thing on Monday and they say their in-house designers are too busy to work on it any longer. I have an idea to fix it if you want to let me try…?

Let me know.



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